Virginia Sexual Assault Laws and Punishments

Violence against other people has always been something that every legal system in history has tried to prevent from happening except during times of war. There are a lot of reasons why this is the case. To start off with, violence that goes unchecked and unchallenged can be the sort of thing that could potentially end up influencing society in a really negative way. People would be scared to leave their homes, commerce would decrease and the entire social system is going to start to crumble. Essentially, violence being illegal is necessary for the functioning of society, and in modern times this kind of violence is generally referred to as assault.

However, assault is only a very specific kind of violence, and it usually occurs during situations where your belongings might be getting forcibly taken away from you, either that or something of a similar nature is happening to you. However, normal assaults generally do not have an overtly sexual component to them. Quite on the contrary, they are usually completely asexual in nature because the entire reason they are happening in the first place is because of the fact that the people doing them want to be able to get something that they do not have.

When the assault in question does indeed have a sexual component to it, it is going to be referred to as sexual assault which is something completely different. Sexual assault is basically a step below rape if one were to rank things like crimes of a sexual nature. The important thing to remember here is that sexual assault is generally going to be considered a class four felony, which means that if you are convicted of assault you are going to end up serving anywhere from one to ten years, and in many cases the judges end up serving up even more punishment by taking away the possibility of parole as well as a variety of other privileges that might have made your stint in jail a little more bearable and easier to get through than it would have been otherwise.

Sexual assault can also end up getting a much heftier punishment than would have been the case otherwise if the victim has suffered serious damage. Another situation where the punishment could end up being a lot more serious is if the victim of your crime is someone younger than the age of eighteen. This would make them a minor, and chances are that they are going to be much more seriously affected by what has happened to them. This is why it is absolutely essential for the punishment to fit the crime; people that have committed sexual assault against minors are probably going to end up suffering quite a bit because juries are going to merciless. If convicted, the sexual assaulter of a child is going to end up serving a very harsh jail sentence, and being in jail is probably not going to be a very pleasant experience for them either.