How to Increase Child Support

How to Increase Child Support in Virginia

Increasing child support rarely happens if we compare it to lowering the child support. Usually, there are more cases filed for decreasing the child support amount rather than increasing. As the time passes, parents start looking for excuses or try to decrease the child support. But, in rare cases, when a person finds their Ex living better life than before, they try to bring more amount in from their side for the child support. Generally, income is the main factor in child support, everyone believes. Father or mother, in most cases, barely look back at each other and locate each other, the only place they meet or see each other is going to be the court.

Talking about income, which plays the important part in child support, if it increases then there is going to be a modification in child support. If the father thinks the mother is earning more than what was decided when the order was issued, he can ask his attorney for a case to be filed, or he can mutually agree on terms with his ex. Remembering the fact, one can can’t leave the work and think for an immediate reduction in child support as per the law in Virginia. If parents think they are going to stop the payment at any spot in child support case, they are wrong. Making it easier for parents, they can easily follow the process if they are willing to increase the child support.

Consult your Attorney

This phase is the mainstream phase, everyone who is willing to bring a change in the case, has to face this. A very basic step where you have to explain everything to your attorney who is going to do the law work for you. This step is needed because attorneys usually highlight the problem we are not aware of. So, if you are going to start the negotiations either formally or informally, you need to get yourself an attorney.

Overview of the last Order

Looking forward to the changes, you must go through the last order and consult with your attorney what changes are essential and how he is going to claim them. It doesn’t matter anymore on what basis the last order was issued, whether it was mutual or not. However, if you are looking for an increase in support, change them accordingly with your attorney and ready to go for it.

Sharing financial status with other Parent

One of the important step in this issue. It is always good to share the financial information, so both parties come on the same page or are ready for the argumentative phase. Doing this at early stage always saves you time and money both.

Working mutually with other Parent on Child Support

Commonwealth of Virginia has already set proper guidelines for child support, but in some cases, the Court allows some abnormalities. But, that is very rare. So, it’s always a good idea to work together and get the result you both are hoping for.

Get a new order

The final stage, where you are done submitting every necessary thing with your lawyer and now time to get the final order. Make sure you take it in writing form because there is no place for verbal agreements legally. There is no other way to get your order changed rather than court. So, if you have agreed to increase the amount but there is no order from the court, the court will always look at the last order which is lower than the actual amount you have verbally decided.