Driving Without a License in Fairfax Virginia

It usually happens when the individuals get charged for the offense of driving without a license in Fairfax, Virginia. It occurs when they do not have a valid driving license and choose to dive without it. Most of the individuals find it convenient to drive in their own vehicles for transportation. Moreover, daily routine work or job requirements make it necessary for the person to have their own automobiles. However, if the individual does not have the license in Virginia and get caught while driving without a license in Fairfax, Virginia, the penalties for the offense might put the individual in further problems.

When the individual is caught for driving without the license, the punishment for the offense not only includes the higher penalties but also the court can order the jail sentence. According to Virginia, code section 46.2-300, that when an individual is caught for driving the vehicle on highways or roads in the commonwealth without the license, unless he or she has the driving license then the individual will be accused of illegal driving.

Moreover, it is also necessary that the individual must possess a valid driving license. In Virginia, several drivers who were accused of the crime even do not know that they had committed a crime of driving without a license in Fairfax, Virginia. They only have to know when they caught for other traffic offenses such as reckless driving or failure in wearing a seat belt. The penalties for driving without a license in Fairfax, Virginia are relatively harsher than the other states. Driving without a license is considered as the serious offense in Virginia, which involves class two misdemeanor when the individual is caught for the first time. Class two misdemeanor include the penalty of driving license suspension and the fines of an amount up to $1,000.

When the offense is repeated over several times, the penalties get harsher for the individual. Therefore, they were being caught for the second time while driving without a license in Fairfax, Virginia involves class one misdemeanor. Getting charged with class one misdemeanor includes the imprisonment of up to one year and the penalty of up to $2,500. Along with these punishments, the court also suspends the driving license of the individual.

Some exceptions in which it is not obligatory for the individual to carry driving license with them make then exempted from the law. These exceptions imply when the individual is driving a military vehicle, a vehicle labelled as a firm classified equipment, new residents who have not yet received a driving license for Virginia state and the citizens of other states passing through Virginia. In these cases, the law of driving without a license in Fairfax, Virginia does not imply on the individuals.

If you or any other individual you know is going through a similar condition then handling the case proceedings without a professional and experienced lawyer might result in unwanted consequences. For these cases, it is necessary to have the professional representation in court with a skilled and compassionate lawyer. The lawyer not only guides you regarding the law and the potential punishments related to the offense but also can develop a strong defense for the charges against you.